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Beach Fales

Experience the gentle sea breeze, white sandy beaches and calm turquoise ocean waves at your doorstep in our traditional Samoan beachfront Fales. Here you will find everything a Pacific Island dream is made of: coconut trees on a white sandy beach, a blue lagoon, plenty of coral and exotic fish. Our beach fales are the right place to relax, unwind and enjoy the sun and sea all day.

We offer open beachfront fales which have sturdy traditional bi-fold blinds; offering you the flexibility to adjust them so that you can open them and experience the cool sea breeze, or close them and shelter yourself for privacy. The fales which are fully secure and safe will shelter you from all kinds of weather. Comfortable sleeping mattresses, pillows, linen and strong sturdy mosquito nets are provided for all our guests.

We offer five different types of beach fales to suit our individual guest’s needs. To view each type of beach fale and its features click here.