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1. What is the best way for me to get from Upolu to Savaii?
The best way to travel from Upolu to Savaii is via the Ferry which departs from Mulifanua Wharf (Upolu) to Salelologa Wharf (Savaii). To view the Ferry schedule click here.

2. How do I make a booking?
Bookings can easily be made by clicking on bookings or sending an email to us at
We accept the following major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Westpac Handycard and JCB cards.

3. What is expected of me when travelling to Savaii?
When traveling to Savaii it is important to be respectful and polite especially to elderly people. When travelling on the roads it is important to note that there are large speed bumps randomly located along the roads to control speeding. Be mindful also of pet pigs, chickens and dogs that sometimes walk freely through the villages. Loud music in cars should also be avoided as in some villages it is seen as rude and disturbing the peace. Other than that the people of Savaii (& Samoa) are generally a relaxed, carefree and hospitable people.

4. What is expected of me when I am in Lano Village?
Lano is one of the cleanest and friendliest villages in Savaii. As long as you obey the local laws there are no real restrictions or curfews in Lano.

5. Are there any restrictions or rules that I should know of?
Respect and modest dress is important in Savaii and Upolu alike. Today there are no particular restrictions or rules in the villages like times of old. As long as local laws are obeyed and you carry yourself in a respectful manner there should be no issues.

6. Am I able to go fishing at the beach?
Our guests are more than welcome to go fishing at our beach. We offer day and night fishing guides. To make a booking click here or email us at

7. Are there restrictions on the attire I wear in the villages and on the beach?
Modest dress is important in Savaii. Swimwear can be worn on the beach however when travelling through the villages it is important to cover up (a t-shirt and shorts will do) to show respect for the locals.

8. What do I need to be mindful of as a Lauiula guest?
As a Lauiula guest you would find that Lauiula beach fales is a very relaxed and friendly place. Our beach is surrounded by an extensive coral reef which makes it safe for swimming, snorkeling and canoeing. We also have the largest lagoon in Samoa which makes our resort very attractive for kite surfing. Lauiula is an environmentally friendly place so we expect our guests to treat the beach, coral reef and surrounding environment with care.

9. Are the beach fales safe and secure?
The beach fales are absolutely safe and secure. They are built to withstand all types of weather. The roofs and blinds are thatched by highly skilled local craftsmen. We also use the strongest rope (sinet) to keep fales protected with heavy duty tarp during wet weather. Additionally we have onsite security at all times.

10. What is the best time to travel to Lauiula?
Lauiula is a place that you could visit all year round. Some of our popular times for our guest are during the month of June to August as this is usually the winter season in the Southern Hemisphere. During August and September we also have a keen number of guests who come for kite surfing. Recently however we have had an influx of guests during the December to January period.