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Savaii is the bigger of the two main islands of Samoa. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, the lovely villages and the relaxed Samoan lifestyle. Salelologa is the main port and market place on the island. You will also find banks and stores here. Located at Tuasivi is the local Police station and Hospital. (View location map. )

One of the main touristic attractions in Savaii is the Blowholes in Taga at the southernmost tip of the island. The water cascades reach heights of up to 100 feet.

Close to Lauiula Beach Fales in Lano is the 1905-1911 Lava field, where whole villages disappeared under the lava flowing out of a nearby crater. You can visit the remains of the churches, buried under the lava and the famous Virgin's Grave, where a young maiden's grave was miraculously spared from being covered by the lava.

Other attractions include the Falealupo Peninsula with the famous Canopy Walk and 'Swimming with Turtles' in Fagamalo. You can easily go around the island in one day with your rental car or scooter.

The village of Lano on Savaii is one of the cleanest and friendliest villages on Savaii. Lauiula Beach Fales is well situated on the outskirts of Lano. Lauiula has the largest lagoon in the whole of Samoa and it is the best spot in the country for Kite surfing.

When visiting Lauiula Beach Fales our guests are amused by the legend of Lauiula and other fascinating Samoan legends.