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Savaii Tours

Our Savaii tours are the most popular tourist tours in Savaii where you not only get to see unique and untapped sites of the Island, but you also get to delve into the Samoan culture of cooking food, kava ceremonies, village traditions and live, never-to-be-forgotten entertainment.
Savaii tours include touring Savaii villages; swim with the turtles at Fagamalo; Afu Aau Waterfalls; the blowholes and the famous 1905-1911 Lava fields, where whole villages disappeared under the lava flowing out of a nearby crater. We also tour the remains of the churches, buried under the lava and the famous Virgin's Grave, where a young maiden's grave was miraculously spared from being covered by the lava.
Our tour guests are able to order lunch from our daily menu which can be readily available for the tours.


Swimming & Snorkeling

Our beach is simply serene and secluded for you to enjoy a romantic retreat, private getaway or family holiday. Enjoy the subtle sea waves, sunbathe on the beach or snorkel all day til your heart is content.
Our beach is safe and suitable for swimming and snorkeling at anytime. We offer FREE snorkeling gear for all our accommodated guests.


Cultural Activities

We are the only resort in Savaii that offers a full array of cultural activities. Immerse yourself in the beautifully unique, untouched culture of Samoa.
Our cultural activities include: welcoming kava ceremonies; cultural dances and performances; UMU & coconut creations (including virgin pina/banana-coladas); traditional weaving; traditional Samoan dance lessons; traditional Samoan massage; night fishing and local village activities.
Our never-to-be-forgotten entertainment includes the traditional fire dance to entertain our guests.
Learn how to climb a coconut tree, start fire the traditional Samoan way, husk a coconut, squeeze fresh coconut cream using 'tanoa', and weave your own hats and plates.



We offer our own private, traditional Samoan 'paopao' (canoe) for all our accommodated guests. Our guests have FREE and UNLIMITED access to the canoe.
Enjoy paddling around the lagoon, viewing the beautiful coral reef and exotic fish, and taking your loved ones on a 'paopao' ride at Lauiula.


Kite surfing

One of our key attractions is kite surfing. With the reef located far from the beach plus an extensive lagoon, our Lauiula Beach is the best place in the whole of Samoa for kite surfing.
The weather and wind at the Lauiula Beach are ideal for kite surfing. Our guests bring their own kite surfing equipment and are able to access Savaii wind reports for superb kite surfing conditions.