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Samoa is located between Hawaii and New Zealand. It was home to the first Polynesian settlers, some 3000 years ago. The big island of Savaii is said to be the legendary Hawaiki, the origin of all Polynesian people.

Today the Samoan Islands are home to around 260,000 people. Most of them (approx. 180,000) live in the Independent State of Samoa (formerly Western Samoa), with two main islands, Upolu and Savaii, and two small inhabited islands between them, Apolima and Manono. The Capital, Apia, is located on Upolu, as well as the International Airport Faleolo (APW). Another 70,000 people live in the neighbouring US-Territory American Samoa, with Pago-Pago as the Capital.

Enjoying a tropical climate Samoans can harvest all year round. All families have their own land to live on and to grow food. Although Samoa is listed as a developing country, there is no hunger, no slums and only very little crime.

Visitors can feel safe in Samoa. The Fa'aSamoa (Samoan Way) is still well alive. Samoan people are proud of their unique culture and visitors can feel it.

Afio mai - Samoa welcomes you!